Are you in business for your passion?

Are you in business because it’s your passion and you love your work, or is it all about the money?

When you allow making a difference in the focus of your business, you profit. Businesses which consciously focus on making a positive difference, on having a positive impact, make 12–14 times more income than those who only focus on financial profit.

Yes, when it comes to business, it’s earning a profit which is the name of the game- and if you’re not making money, your company is simply unable to continue. However, it’s more than likely you need to have motivations other than money to start up your own venture.

When you make your impact positive, you profit. With money. With influence. With your role in larger change.

Loving the work you do, and being passionate about being a business owner, plus knowing you are helping others, is the key to your success. If you are not enjoying being the owner of a business every day will seem longer, and you will find it more challenging to focus. Eventually, you either give up and walk away or plod on regardless yet without much success because your lack of interest was never your passion, yet only money and it is being noticed by others, including your customers.

Stay focused. Believe in yourself. Believe in better. Your contribution matters.

How does your business impact and better other people’s lives?