In an era when businesses increasingly have to depend on partnerships, legal contracts need to be in place to implement the trust needed to cope with any future external uncertainty.

To develop and grow your business effectively having legal contracts in place is essential.

The remedy is to implement legal written contracts, which offer a framework designed to foster collaboration in relationships over the long term. These contracts specify mutual goals and establish governance structures to keep the parties’ expectations and interests aligned.

Starting work with a new client may be an exciting experience, however, it’s important to ensure you are covered and the client has a clear understanding of the working relationship between you both. A contract is used to outline the roles each party plays in that relationship, which in turn helps to maintain a healthy working relationship.

Contracts are especially useful for complex arrangements, outsourcing, strategic alliances, joint ventures, business partnerships, shareholders, freelancers and employees, franchises, partnerships, terms and conditions, privacy policies, and other bespoke projects.


Contracts may consist of such items as laying the foundation, co-creating a shared vision and objectives, adopting guiding principles, aligning expectations and interests, and creating systems for staying aligned.

The focus on implementing and securing the foundation of the relationship first is brilliant. Yet, the real power is it threads all the way down to core decisions on how the parties would work and this is where a contract plays a vast role. In a business world, where strategic, long-term relationships are critical to competitive advantage, the business owner needs to ensure safeguarding the best interest of their businesses.

Do yourself a favour, keep your health and happiness intact and start with a written contract from day one. You definitely will thank yourself in the end.


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