If you are here reading this, you most likely have manifested your way to the business mission.

We cross paths with certain people or organisations in our lives for a reason. It’s never by chance, nor by accident, yet, it is on a purpose. the business mission is a business strategy consultancy, which guides and helps business owners implement strong foundations and structure within their business ideas and their existing businesses via written plan and using the method of manifestation  in order to grow successful and profitable business .

the business mission

When you learn how to consciously work with your energy and master the principles of manifesting, along with implement good structure and foundations to the business via written plans, you are able to create the business you desire. Building a successful and profitable business is easy; it is us who complicate it.

Once you have clearly defined goals, and you believe you deserve your success, write out a plan, and then take action. A goal with a written plan is your map towards the success you want. To manifest business success, you simply need to follow the written plans and strategies which move you closer to your business goals. If you take daily action aligned with your goals, you succeed. Remember your goals, thoughts, and actions need to align. You need to believe, in your heart, you are deserving, worthy, and capable of achieving the business success you desire and it happens.

There are high stakes attached to starting a business, yet the process also is incredibly satisfying and fun. Allow yourself to become immersed in all the bursts of inspiration, ambition, and hope. It is these feelings, which fuel you in your quest to manifest the business you want and the business owner you want to become.

Start by completely believing 100% you ARE capable of being successful, and you WILL BE.





Over the past 20 years, my passion and purpose has been to guide business owners to implement good foundations and structure in their business for their businesses to thrive and grow successfully from. My expertise comes from the years of structuring and succeeding in my own businesses and my thirst for learning.


  • Master’s Degree in International Business Law (University of London)
  • Master’s Degree in International Intellectual Property Law (University of London)
  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) (International Business Management Institute Berlin ( IBMI)
  • Emerging Economics from Harvard University
  • Studying in Law School the SQE 1 and 2 to get fully qualified as a UK lawyer




Graphic design has long been my passion and my business enjoys a rewarding collaboration with the business mission; supporting them with their client’s website and design work. the business mission’s great ethos and vision helping business owners achieve success, make it an excellent experience to work along side them.


  • Higher National Diploma in Computer Aided Design (Packaging Technology) awarded by Bournemouth University
  • 20+ years industry experience and over 10 years running a design business.




My accountancy practice started 17 years ago, providing financial management, accountancy and taxation advice. We work with the ethos that with the correct support any entrepreneur may fulfil their dream to start a business. We collaborate with the business mission sharing in their vision, and dedication to help business owners achieve great success.


  • Fellow Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians FMAAT
  • Member of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses as a Forensic Accountant



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