Mercury Retrograde and your business?

Welcome to another Mercury Retrograde we are about to approach!

If you’re unfamiliar with Mercury Retrograde, Mercury Retrograde is when Mercury appears going backward in the sky. Since Mercury rules communication and travel, anything related to this may go a little…haywire.

You may often hear “avoid signing contracts, avoid making big plans and avoid traveling. …this fine and dandy, however, what ARE you do? Take a deep breath. All you have to do is flow with it — instead of against it. Sign those contracts – however, read them twice beforehand. If you’re the one sending the contracts, make sure they go to an inbox rather than spam or go forgotten. Check you have clauses for things like returns or how to end the contract if either of you wants to.

Make sure all the little things are covered. It is all about the “re’s” Restructure, Refinance, Review, Revisit, Reflect, Relax, Recharge, Resolve…taking “Responsibility” for your business!

Here is how to profit during a Mercury Retrograde:

“Reach” out to old clients and potential clients. Go back to clients who maybe it’s been a while, touch base with them and see how they are doing.

“Refrain” from signing new agreements on new ideas rather “revisiting” what they are working on and how it might be improved on. Here at the business mission, we work with all our clients and help them pause and “revisit, review, restructure, refinance” their business plans again to see if everything is in alignment with the business they are practicing, in reality, is in alignment with their business plan. Check-in with your clients. “Remind” clients you care about them. Send a gift you’ve been meaning to send. Ask them how they’ve been doing. Tell them how you can help them. It’s a time to “reconnect”.

“Return” to the original vision you had about something and make this the class/package/program you envision. What were you unsure about it before? What was unable to work before? Are there areas you are unsure if they flow? Figure out your main concerns — and use this time to have someone go through and experience this while helping you address them. Get validation your clients WANT this, And yes, you CAN charge with your beta programs. You are getting insight and maybe a testimonial. They’re getting the material for a reduced cost — and likely extra attention if they have questions! It’s a great energy exchange. Do you know the idea you’ve been sitting on? Well, this is definitely the time to get people in it and work on the kinks. Get validation your clients WANT this. Bonus points if this program you’ve offered before or are in some way revising.

“Review” your services/product. Take a look at what is bringing in the most profits. Are you able to determine why these are connecting so well with your constellation of clients? What do they love about this? How might you infuse MORE of this into your business? Now, what’s bringing in the least profits? Take a good long look at this. Is this something you’re not promoting as much? Does it need a new name? Is it the incorrect price? (Incorrect price may be too low as much as it may be too high. Your price creates trust, after all!) Does it include enough to fulfill everything your client’s need?—If the opposite, is this something you may fix simply by adding a bonus? Are your clients simply not keen on it?

“Restructure” your profits. Unsure where your profits are coming from? Well, it’s a good thing this is a fabulous time to map out your profits too. Get clear on what months are profit months for you — and what is bringing in those profits. From there, you are able to figure out how to make your profits more consistent from month to month (and how to increase those profits). Refinance while Mercury is retrograded, you may notice a backward turn in your finances! However, if you know the rules for success during the four-week retrograde influence, you may avoid financial stress, and even lay the groundwork for future prosperity.

Here is some Mercury Retrograde financial guidance: (we will start with what you need to “refrain” from doing during this period)

“Refrain” from initiating new investments, financial commitments, or business partnerships! You may safely assume you’re lacking critical pieces of information, and your rational mind is on hiatus. Ventures launched during Mercury Retrograde are more likely to result in financial loss, unanticipated delays, hassles, and frustration. In a few weeks, you are able to view your options with greater clarity. Refrain from making any major purchases! This is one of the fundamental rules of Mercury Retrograde. All computers, electronics, and cars are especially verboten. Items bought now might be faulty or damaged or turn out not what you really wanted. If you do buy something significant during this time, know the return policy, keep your receipt and make sure you have a warranty!

“Refrain” from taking out a loan! Loans involve contracts, and signing contracts are against the rules of Mercury Retrograde. Again, operating under the assumption you need more information before making a big decision. If you wait a few weeks, you may find you need more or less money than you had thought, or you don’t need a loan after all. If circumstances require you to borrow money during this time, CAREFULLY examine all the fine print — get two people to look over it!

“Refrain” from filing taxes! Taxes are complicated enough — why improve your chances of delays, errors, and confusion? Avoid having to repeat the process. Refrain from taking any risks with money! Carelessness does not pay off during Mercury Retrograde. The flow of money is likely to slow down — or back up and reverse — so find ways to maximize what you have, and cut back on expenses. What are you able to do for your business then….?

“Reconsider” and “Restructure” your existing financial commitments.“Re-evaluate” your investment portfolio, renegotiate business contracts and reassess your insurance policies and will. “Reviewing” your credit report — for potential errors — is also advised. If there’s a matter from the past need completion or resolution, it’s likely to come back and haunt you during Mercury Retrograde. Take care of old business now so you are able to make a clean move into the future when the time is right.

“Reconsider” what you want and do your “research”. If you’re thinking about buying a new computer, car, house, or other high-money items, it’s time to gather more data. Consult your feelings and intuition as well as the facts. Make space for the new by reviewing what you own and weeding out what you no longer want or need.

“Restructure” existing loans and renegotiate payment plans. Your financial situation might have changed, or you may now see a better approach to paying off debt.
Prepare for filing taxes. Sort through and organize your receipts and paperwork, and book an appointment with your accountant or tax person. Whether it’s tax season, Mercury Retrograde is a great time for reorganizing your files and “restructuring” your bookkeeping or accounting system.

Take time to “reconsider” your relationship with and beliefs about money. Because your intuitive mind is stronger now, you may get a deeper insight into any underlying challenges related to your financial situation. If you keep coming up against the same blocks, now is a favourable time to read a book or attend a lecture or workshop about prosperity consciousness and creating abundance.

Hope the above may offer you healthy advice and direction during a Mercury Retrograde! It is also a great time to “revisit” your business plan and update it! Bring it to where you are today with the business.

All the best in your business ventures over Mercury Retrograde! Need more direction during this period? Need some help with this? Drop us a message by clicking here.