Our path collided with JC Yogi while visiting another client at her studio. JC Yogi had been for many years in the corporate business and the catering when he finally decided to come up with the idea of the JC Yogi business.


He needed to change his life for the better and knew deep down he was able to make changes to other people’s lives to bring peace and a happy lifestyle was needed too. He had been in business for a while with this yogi practice and classes when we met.


The business had lost direction for years, which make it quite unbalanced. With our guidance, the JC Yogi business completed a written business plan allowing the business to identify any gaps it had and returned the balance it needed to move forward unblocking the flow. Over two years later, his business, with a completed business plan and good structure, with a strong online yoga presence as well, the business is growing successfully and thriving. Our help in implementing a good business plan along with his spirit, dedication, and attention to detail on the business plan has allowed this JC Yogi business to achieve further success and meet its business goals.


It has been a wonderful opportunity to work with JC Yogi and look forward to seeing his business continue to thrive, flourish and grow.