Naomi Gieva’s story

Who would have thought a visit to a retail shop in London would have connected us with our client, Naomi Gieva? Wonderful how connections happen spontaneously!


Over a handbag sale, Naomi discussed her interest in setting up a handbag line named after her, Naomi Gieva and had limited understand on how to start a business.


We worked together implementing a written business plan and offering her guidance and support. As the work began it, it became clear to Naomi how important implementing structure to a business is instrumental to the success of a business. Her vision became more aligned each the business plan was worked on.


Over a year later, with a business plan, marketing strategy and plan in place the business has firm base foundations and structure and is starting to move forward.  We are continuing to work alongside Naomi, to implement further structure to the business with a branding strategy and social media strategy.


We were also impressed with Naomi determination, desired, drive and focus to succeed at this business; we have invested funds in the Naomi Gieva brand to bring it to the forefront and  grow it successfully.