New Business Development

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one." Lao -Tzu

We work with entrepreneurs to unveil the vision of their ideas within a written business plan. Within the duration of completing the written business plan, they:

  • Research and discover a target audience and an ideal clientele/customer for their business
  • Learn how to create the mission positioning statement and the business tagline
  • Create a detailed description of the business personality
  • The creation of visual elements such as logo, colour, fonts of their business, creating the social media, design, strategy and planning of the business.
  • Decide on social media channels along with implementing social media streams with a social media strategy (providing necessary elements to create recognisable, memorable look and feel across primary social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, G+).
  • A projection” profit and loss” spreadsheet to understand the projections of the business, profits and loss, along with monthly cash flow revenue in order to run a successful business on the financial side of the business.

The business plan implementation is supported by the one-to-one coaching session once a week for 2 hours by Skype and by email support. We support and guide the new entrepreneurs during their journey 100%! Start today! To book an appointment to discuss further click here.