Business Plans

Writing a business plan is like walking into the store with a list of everything you want. You get everything you need to nourish you. You’re in and out efficiently, and you get home and cook your favorite meal.


When you write down what you want, when you want it, and how much of it you want, it is a powerful trigger for the subconscious mind to figure out how to get it done. The whole process is expedited, you’re in control, and you know what to achieve. Setting goals, make them specific, give yourself an accomplishment date, and believe you will succeed.


Once you have clearly defined your business goals, and you believe you deserve your business success, it is time to make a plan, and take action. A goal with a plan is your map towards the business success you want.


A written business plan helps you look at the bigger picture and plan your business’ long-term future and this in turn allows manifestation to happen. If you are starting a new business or running a existing business, it’s easy to get caught up in dealing with day-to-day issues. Taking the time to look at your written business plan helps you to think about the bigger picture and the longer term. A good written business plan helps you identify what the best opportunities are and how you are able to make the most of them. It also helps you think about what your priorities are and how your business needs to fit in with these.


As legendary basketball player Michael Jordan once put it, “You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.” As a business leader, you have to envision yourself in the place you want to be, implement a structure written business plan before you are able to get there.

“We help you achieve a great business plan.”

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12 week written business plan course

12 Week Written Business Plan Course

A 12 week written business plan course of powerful Law of Attraction and Manifestation methods to achieve the business you desire.

This course is ideal for you if you are an individual with a business idea wanting turn it into a profitable and successful business, or an existing business owner keens to bring structure within your business. You are yearning for significant support to bring your next big vision into being.

What's Included:

    1. A business plan template is supplied to work on and is shared by dropbox
    2. Full support and guidance
    3. 12-week course (12 sessions) with weekly two hours meetings by Skype or Zoom.
    4. Unlimited email support Monday to Friday.

This course is designed for people starting-up in a wide variety of business sectors and sizes. This may also be for people who are in existing businesses realising their business needs a written business plan now to succeed. The course is most suitable for people wishing to develop a business, prior to implementation.

At the end of the course you are able to:

    1. Describe, understand and evaluate your business idea
    2. Compile the financial information required to run a business
    3. Produce a full written business plan

At the end of the 12 weeks, you will have completed a full written business for your venture. Together, we will transform your business idea into a greater service to your own life, your business, and the world. As soon as you register for this partnership, you and your business will be held in a field of heightened energetic activation within which miracles unfold and serendipity transforms your world.


Many of our clients experience shifts by the first month. When you bring the soul of your business, a clear written business plan and skillful action, your business become beacons of prosperity, integrity and service.

Investment: £1350.00

Written Business Plan Course Application

Three months of collaboration to complete a full written business plan with monthly cash flows and financial projections to help your business idea evolve or your existing business gain the structure it needs to excel further. Twelve (12) sessions up to two (2) hours a week via Skype or Zoom including unlimited email support Monday to Friday between sessions.


Investment: £1350.00


Please only apply if you 100% dedicated to invest in you as a business owner and invest in growing a successful business. Thank you!